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Patricia Remias

AOE Advisory Board
  • B.S., 1985, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, Virginia Tech
  • Graduate Certificate in Engineering
1722 Boxelder St., #102
Louisville, CO

Her current position is the Senior Director of Programs at Sierra Nevada Corporation in the Space Systems department. In her previous position at Comtech AeroAstro, Ms. Remias was responsible for overseeing all ongoing space programs and products and the company.  Prior to that position, Ms. Remias was Vice President of Programs, and served as the Space Test Program Satellite 1 (STPSat-1) Program Manager.  She has spent her entire career in weapons system and satellite development, in both civil service and industry positions.  Since 1989, she has focused primarily on small satellite system and development. Ms. Remias previously held positions at the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and Orbital Sciences Corporation.

Annual Achievement Award, NAVAIR - Outstanding Leadership Award, Orbital Sciences Corp. - Authored a variety of conference papers in the area of microsatellite development, testing, and operation

Ms. Remias is an active member of the AIAA National Capital Section and served on the Executive Council in 1998 and 1999.  She also served as co-chair of the annual AIAA/Utah State Small Satellite Conference Student Scholarship Competition from 1996 to 1999.  She currently serves on the Advisory Board for Virgina Tech's Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering.

Microsatellite (<500kg) development and operation, Space mission architecture development, System Engineering for space systems