A Message From the Department Head

I am pleased to introduce to you my distinguished colleagues, the faculty and staff of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering.  There are currently 19 full-time faculty members, with graduate and undergraduate engineering degrees from 29 different universities in 8 different countries. Many work in both aerospace and ocean fields, but some specialize in one or the other. There are more than a dozen administrative and technical staff who support the research and education mission of the department, and 11 research faculty who conduct research and in some cases participate in the department’s teaching mission.

Our faculty numbers include four Professors who have been elected as Fellows of their professional engineering societies, four who have been honored by Virginia Tech with prestigious named professorships, and four junior faculty who have been honored by national agencies with highly competitive young investigator awards. These faculty members are responsible for educating one of the larger classes of Aerospace Engineering B.S. graduates in the nation, as well as a significant number of Ocean Engineering B.S. graduates. The department has awarded 100 or more B.S. degrees per year during the past several years, with graduates going to industry, government, graduate school, and professional school. The department’s faculty are active in externally funded research, with more than $6.5 million in annual research expenditures. Research projects play a significant role in the education of graduate students, and we award some 30 M.S. degrees and 10 Ph.D. degrees annually.

If you are an alumnus or friend of the Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, please plan to visit us during your next trip to Blacksburg. If you’re considering joining us, please schedule a visit and meet the AOE team.