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Airbus A320 assembly line
Airbus A320 final assembly line in Hamburg, Germany.

Virginia Tech Global Education Office (GEO)

Virginia Tech's Global Education Office offers students study abroad opportunities all over the world. They seek to connect our faculty and students to their peers abroad; inspire and contribute to the faculty’s creation and promotion of cross-cultural learning experiences; and support the development of our students into globally competent citizens.

Apply here by Sept. 15, 2023 for the HAW Study Abroad program.

College of Engineering study abroad programs

Engineering faculty have developed programs working directly with international colleges and universities. These are well-structured, rigorous engineering exchange programs with top-quality overseas universities.


AOE Junior Spring Semester Abroad



Hamburg, Germany is the third largest centre for civil aviation in the world and home to Airbus. Since 2009 Virginia Tech has been partnered with Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) and the exchange program allows Virginia Tech students an insight into the expertise of German aeronautical engineering.

Classes in Hamburg are taught in English and cover core aeronautical engineering classes typical of those at Virginia Tech as well as classes offering an insight into cabin architecture and systems. Aeronautical engineering students at Virginia Tech can complete their Junior Spring semester in Hamburg and be awarded credit for core classes and electives. With a certain amount of planning with regard to pre-requisites, it is possible to study abroad and not extend time to graduation. Please speak to your academic advisor.

Hokies in Hamburg
Read student accounts of their experience at HAW-Hamburg.
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