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Jeff Babione

AOE Advisory Board
  • MBA, University of Tennessee
  • M.S., Aerospace Engineering, University of Washington
  • B.S., Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, Virginia Tech
Jeff Babione
  • Jeff Babione is currently the Executive vice president and general manager of advanced development programs, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company Skunk Works. Prior to his current position in descending order, he served as Executive Vice President and General Manager, F-35 Program Lightning II Program; Vice President and General Manager, F-16/F-22 Integrated Fighter Group; as Vice President and F-22 Program Manager; and F-22 Chief Engineer.
  • Prior to joining Lockheed Martin, Jeff began his career with the Boeing Company in Seattle, Washington. His work there included advanced composite development, structural design analysis and testing of large commercial airliners as well as the YF-22 prototype.
  • 2001 Lockheed Martin NOVA Award