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PHASE Research Group

The Progressive High-speed Applied Simulations and Experiments (PHASE) research group, directed by Professor Liselle Joseph, focuses on multi-physics research examining the fundamental nature of high-speed flows. Our research is affiliated with the Aerospace and Ocean Engineering department (AOE) and the National Security Institute (VT-NSI) at Virginia Tech. Our goals and priorities are captured in the group’s name:

Progressive: PHASE research is focused on forward-facing, next-generation solutions to fundamental high-speed problems. A core value of the group is to pursue physics-based solutions which can be translated to practically useful, robust engineering applications. Similarly, our software development solutions are rooted in Digital Engineering principles such as modularity, sustainability, usability, and re-usability. 

High-speed: Our research primarily investigates the phenomenology of supersonic, transonic, and hypersonic flows. Our current priorities are in the hypersonic regime.

Applied: Most academic research, including research at PHASE, involves theoretical work aimed at acquiring new knowledge of the underlying phenomena without a particular application in mind (basic research). The PHASE group also prioritizes applied research which involves original investigations aimed primarily towards a specific, practical aim or objective. Our applied research efforts, affiliated with VT-NSI, are typically in close collaboration with leading industry partners and Department of Defense agencies and aim to address specific needs of the community.

Simulations: One arm of our research focuses on using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and other physics-based models to investigate the nature of high-speed flows.

Experiments: The second arm of our research involves systematic, robust testing in the Hypersonic Wind Tunnel at Virginia Tech. Our experiments used advanced instrumentation to explore fundamental flowfield behaviour.

Interested in Joining PHASE?

PHASE is always open to working with highly driven and dedicated undergraduate and graduate students. Our current projects focus on experimental testing of hypersonic flows. If you are interested in working on challenging problems in this field,  reach out to Professor Joseph today.

More about Professor Joseph

Dr. Joseph is an early career Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech with significant experience in hypersonic phenomenology, turbulence and hypersonic electromagnetic signature modeling. Dr. Joseph also has a strong background in wind tunnel experiments, instrumentation development and system design, and compressor rig testing. Her work is published in respected, peer-reviewed journals.