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Air Vehicle Design

AOE 4065 & 4066: Air Vehicle Design (Two-course sequence taught in fall & spring semester)

Catalog Description: Fundamental principles of innovative air vehicle design. Qualitative and quantitative decision-making tools. Multidisciplinary design teams with emphasis on ethics and professionalism. Project risks and mitigation plans. Oral presentations for design reviews. Written engineering design report. 4065: Proven conceptual design process. Tradeoff studies. Air vehicle weight estimation. Air vehicle concepts feasibility assessment; 4066: Preliminary design tools and processes. Efficient and light-weight air vehicles. Air vehicle design validation.

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 Overview of AVD Courses

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 I. Foundational Elements

            F1. Design: An Engineering Discipline                    

            F2. Systems and Systems Thinking

            F3. Basics of Systems Engineering                            

            F4. Decision Making with Ethics & Integrity

II. Key Topics in Aircraft Design  

III. Project Management Elements