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Applied Computational Aerodynamics

Presentation Link: "Reflections on the Effectiveness of Applied Computational Aerodynamics: Current Status & Prospects  

AOE-4114: Applied CFD
Catalog Description: Development of computational methods for application to wing aerodynamic problems. Incompressible airfoil codes. Panel methods and vortex lattice methods. Finite difference techniques. Transonic and supersonic applications.

Links for My Lectures: As a co-instructor, I offer a series of 12 lectures, once a week for 12 weeks. The lecture series  is titled  "Reflections on Applied Computational Aerodynamics (ACA)." The lectures can be accessed using the following links:

Lecture 1 (PRaj) - Introductory Remarks

Lecture  2 (PRaj) - Genesis of Fluid Mechanics

Lecture  3 (PRaj) - Fluid Dynamics as a Mathematical Science

Lecture 4 (PRaj) - Emergence of CFD

Lecture  5  (PRaj) - Evolution of ACA  (1 of 5)

Lecture  6  (PRaj) - Evolution  of ACA (2 of 5)