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Research facilities

Lab support and safety

Virginia Tech Stability Wind Tunnel

Advanced Propulsion and Power Laboratory (APPL)


Hypersonic Tunnel

Vortical Flow and Diagnostics Laboratory

Center for Marine Autonomy and Robotics (CMAR)


Kentland Experimental Aerial Systems Laboratory (KEAS)


2-Bay UAS Hangar

2100 sf paved UAS Runway


GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) Laboratory
(Whittemore Hall)
Facilities: Space Constellation Navigation and Timing Simulators

Spacecraft Design Laboratory
(Whittemore 619)
Facilities: Satellite Assembly Clean Room

Space Systems Simulation Laboratory
(Whittemore 619)
Facilities: Attitude Determination and Control System Simulators

Experimental Plasma and Propulsion Laboratory
(Whittemore 290, Randolph 15)
Facilities: Propulsion & Plasma Vacuum Chamber



Randolph Hall Research Laboratories

Fluid Dynamics

Experimental Aeroacoustics Laboratory
(Randolph 4P)
Facilities: Anechoic Wall-Jet Wind Tunnel

Vortical Flow and Diagnostics Laboratory
(Randolph 15C)
Facilities: Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel

Fluids Lab
(Randolph 33/33A)

Hydro-Elasticity Laboratory
(Randolph 30A/33C)
Facilities: Wedge Drop Facility (Water Tank)

Cavitation Laboratory
(Randolph 30A/33C)

Towing Basin
(Norris Hall)
Facilities: Drag-Reduction Test Facility, Water Tunnel

Structures and Materials

Aerospace Structures and Materials Laboratory
(Room: Randolph 15A, 4J)

Materials for High-Temperature and Corrosive Environment Laboratory (Room: Randolph 1, 1A)

Dynamics, Control, and Estimation

Nonlinear Systems Laboratory
(1991 Kraft Drive Room 2008-C)

NAViTi Laboratory
(Randolph 26)

Dynamics Lab
(Norris 310)


VT Advanced Research Computing

Graduate Computational Laboratory


Propulsion & Energetics Lab
(Randolph 127)

Prototyping, Fabrication, and Additive Manufacturing

Aerospace and Ocean Engineering Machine Shop

AOE 3D Print Lab

Teaching Laboratories

AOE Studio for Design Innovation

Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS) / Aerospace and Ocean Engineering (AOE) Teaching and Research Laboratory
(Goodwin Hall 140)
Facilities: Open-Circuit Wind Tunnel, Smoke Tunnel, High Speed PIV System

AOE Electronics Educational Center and Laboratory
(Randolph 15B)

Drone Park

Center for Marine Autonomy and Robotics
(Torgersen Hall 3015)


Design Team Maker Space

Ware Advanced Engineering Laboratory

Advanced Engineering Design Laboratory

Model Building Center (Room: Randolph 4Q)