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Virginia Tech Stability Wind Tunnel

The Virginia Tech Stability Wind Tunnel is a College of Engineering facility operated by the Kevin T. Crofton Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering. With a 1.85m-by-1.85m test-section, it is one of the largest university operated wind tunnels in the United States with maximum speeds of 80m/s (corresponding to a Reynolds number of 5,000,000 per meter). In addition to its size, the flow quality is remarkable making it a prime research facility. Along with typical aerodynamic capabilities, the facility was the first to pioneer the hybrid-anechoic configuration with the addition of a removable anechoic test-section allowing for full-scale aero-acoustic testing. This configuration has since become the preferred configuration for large scale aero-acoustic facilties across the world. 

The facility has extensive experience offering state-of-the-art research capabilities for academic research projects, efficient and productive testing for industrial applications, and providing large-scale research testing experience to undergraduate students thanks to support from the Virginia Tech College of Engineering.  


Contact Information

For prospective customers interested in the facility please consult the schedule and e-mail your requests as follows:

  • Dr. William Devenport - Tunnel Director [General Information, Scheduling]
  • Dr. Aurelien Borgoltz - Assistant Director [General Information, Scheduling]
  • Bill Oetjens - Wind Tunnel Engineer [Technical Information]

Ongoing opportunities in CFD validation experiments: