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Reserving the wind tunnel

Provisional bookings:

Provisional wind tunnel bookings may be made at any time simply by contacting either the wind tunnel director Dr. William Devenport or assistant director Dr. Aurelien Borgoltz. Provisional bookings are given priority in the order in which they are received, and multiple provisional bookings will be accepted for the same time period creating a queue of customers for that period.

Firm bookings:

A customer may create a firm booking by supplying an purchase order (for external customers) or HokieMart request (for internal customers). A deposit, equal to 50% of the anticipated tunnel cost for the test will be charged at that time. Payment arrangements can be made with the Wind Tunnel Admin Support Technician.

If payment is not received by the two month deadline then the priority is lost and the customer’s booking will be moved to the back of the queue for that period. The next customer in line will then be invited to secure their booking (or lose their priority) in the same way.

Regardless of the above, any provisional booking not converted to a firm booking will be cancelled one week in advance of a scheduled test.

Tunnel calendar

The Google calendar displayed below is intended as a guide to the provisional and firm bookings currently on the wind tunnel schedule. Note, however, that this is only a guide and potential users should check with the director or assistant director before acting on any information displayed in the calendar.

Safety Requirements

All customers need to bring a signed copy of the safety form(s) relevant to their entry. By signing, each person certifies to understand all the safety risks and procedures associated with the facility. Every person that will require access to the facility needs to sign a copy of the safety form pertaining to their entry and submit it to the tunnel engineer Bill Oetjens. The different safety forms can be obtained by contacting the tunnel engineer Bill Oetjens.