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Psiaki Group Grad Students & Alumni

Graduate Students & Graduate Alumni of Psiaki Research Group

Current Student Year of Study Topic
Tunc Ertan
5th year Ph.D. Alternative Position, Navigation, and Timing
Yoav Baumgarten
4th year Ph.D.
Joint Navigation & Ionosphere Characterization using HF beacons
Kevin Sauerwein 1st year M.S. Navigation and Signal Processing


Alumnus/ae Degree Year Dissertation/Thesis Title
Dr. Brady O'Hanlon Ph.D. 2017 Signal Processing and the Global Positioning System: Three Applications
Dr. Karen Chiang Ph.D. 2016 Model-Based Estimation Applications for GNSS Remote Sensing
Dr. Ryan Dougherty Ph.D. 2015 Low-Cost Orbit Determination using Existing low-power K-Band Communications Signals
Dr. Ryan Mitch Ph.D. 2014 Model-Based Estimation Techniques Applied to Global Navigation Satellite System Jammers
Dr. Joanna Hinks Ph.D. 2012 A New Generalized Consider Covariance Analysis and Other Tools for Challenging Estimation Scenarios
Dr. Shan Mohiuddin Ph.D. 2010 New Estimation Algorithms with Applications to Relative and Absolute Orbit Determination
Prof. Todd Humphreys Ph.D. 2008 Modeling Ionospheric Scintillation and its Effects on GPS Carrier Tracking Loops and two other Applications of Modeling and Estimation
Dr. Hee Jung Ph.D. 2005 Estimation Problems for Satellite Orbit and Attitude Determination and for GPS-Based Remote Ionospheric Sensing
Prof. Kihong Park Ph.D. 1994 Parallel Trajectory Optimization Algorithm Design and Testing
Prof. Yih-Ping Luh Ph.D. 1991 Nonconvex Polytope Approximation of Attracting Basin Boundaries for Nonlinear Systems
Maria Hagan M.S. 2000 Satellite Attitude Control for Steady State Disturbance Using Only Magnetic Torquers
Jeffrey Hoppert M.S. 1999 Design of a High Accuracy Dynamic Error Correction System for Xerographic Printing Applications
Lejin Huang M.S. 1993 Magnetometer-Based Navigation for Earth-Orbiting Satellite.

Last updated: 7 Feb. 2017