Energy Harvesting

Piezoelectric materials have been shown to be effective in structural health monitoring systems as a result of their unique electromechanical coupling.  Previous research has demonstrated that piezoelectric materials have the potential to harvest energy from structural vibration.  Similar to traditional piezoceramics, ZnO possesses piezoelectric properties which makes it well-suited for a variety of applications, such as sensors and energy harvesting device.   This work investigates the potential of ZnO NWs embedded in carbon fiber reinforced composites for energy harvesting with the goal of developing self-powered devices for structural health monitoring systems.  The objectives of this work are to grow ZnO NWs on glass fiber and using carbon fiber as electrodes and to evaluate the energy harvesting capabilities of the CFRP composite beam.  The experiments demonstrate that ZnO nanowires can be used to generate small amounts of power through energy harvesting.

Some example publications:

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