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Manuscripts under review or in revision:

Recent peer-reviewed journal articles published or in press:

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47. Saltzman AJ*, Lowe KT, and Ng WF "50 kHz Doppler global velocimetry for the study of large-scale turbulence in supersonic flows" Experiments in Fluids, 62, 192, 

46. Powers SW*, Schetz JA, Lowe KT, and Kapania RK "Analysis of Stresses in Metal Sheathed Thermocouples in High-Temperature Flows," AIAA Journal,

45. Saltzman AJ*, Lowe KT, and Ng WF 2021 "Finite control volume and scalability effects in velocimetry for application to aeroacoustics," Experiments in Fluids 62:33,

44. Turner EJ, Bogdan MF, O’Connell TM, Ng WF, Lowe KT, Crook L, Stevenson R, and Roberts J 2021 "MEASUREMENT DRIFT IN 3-HOLE YAW PRESSURE PROBES FROM 5 MICRON SAND FOULING AT 1050° C," ASME J. of Turbomachinery,

43. Moon CY*, Byun G, Panda A*, Smith CF, and Lowe KT 2020 "Non-intrusive optical measurements of gas turbine engine inlet condensation using machine learning," Measurement Science and Technology,

42. Readon JP*, Schetz JA, and Lowe KT 2021 “Computational Analysis of Unstart in a Variable-Geometry Inlet,” AIAA Journal of Propulsion and Power,

41 Vincent T*, Schetz JA, and Lowe KT 2020 "Analysis of pin fins including radiation and transients," Computational Thermal Sciences, 12:5, 429-451,

40. Saltzman AJ*, Lowe KT, and Ng WF 2020 "250 kHz three-component Doppler velocimetry at 32 simultaneous points: a new capability for high speed flows," Measurement Science and Technology, 31:9, 095302,

39. Moon CY*, Gargiulo A*, Byun G, and Lowe KT 2020 "Non-spherical particle size estimation using supervised machine learning," Applied Optics, 59:1, 3237,

Recent papers in conference proceedings:

Note: * Indicates advisee.

98. Saltzman AJ*, Lowe KT, Ng WF, 2021 "Doppler global velocimetry for 50 kHz, large field of view measurement of high-speed flows," AIAA Scitech 2021 Forum, paper AIAA 2021-0119.

97. Fritsch D, Vishwanathan V*, Lowe KT, Devenport WJ, 2021 "The Space-Time Correlation of Pressure Under High Reynolds Number Smooth Wall Turbulent Boundary Layers in Pressure Gradient Family," AIAA Scitech 2021 Forum, paper AIAA 2021-1946.

96. Gargiulo A*, Duetsch-Patel JE*, Ozoroski TA, Beardsley C, Vishwanathan V*, Fritsch D, Borgoltz A, Devenport WJ, Roy CJ, Lowe KT, 2021 "Flow Field Features of the BEVERLI Hill Model," AIAA Scitech 2021 Forum, paper AIAA 2021-1741.

95. Acharya A*, Lowe KT, Ng WF, Danehy PM, 2021 "Seeding Mechanism for High-Pressure Nozzles,"AIAA SciTech 2021 Forum, paper AIAA 2021-1068.

94. Fritsch D, Vishwanathan V*, Lowe KT, WJ Devenport, 2021 "The Effect of Grazing Flow on Pinhole Condenser Microphones," AIAA SciTech 2021 Forum, AIAA 2021-0130.

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