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Mathieu Joerger

Dr. Mathieu Joerger is a Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech, Senior Editor of Navigation for IEEE TAES, Member of EU/US Cooperation on Satellite Navigation, Working Group C - ARAIM. Currently working on developing safety requirements for autonomous car navigation and establishing and testing new methods to ensure the safety of aircraft navigation using dual-frequency, multiconstellation global navigation satellite systems.

PhD Students

Jonathan Becker

Jonathan Becker received a bachelor's and a master's degree in mathematics. He is a PhD student, working with Dr. Mathieu Joerger, focusing on GNSS integrity monitoring and radar-based localization.

Alexa Houck

Alexa Houck received a bachelor's degree in Integrated Science and Technology from James Madison University. She is a PhD student at Virginia Tech, working with Dr. Mathieu Joerger, focusing on the detection of GNSS interference events.

Danielle Racelis smiling

Danielle Racelis

Danielle Racelis obtained a bachelor’s degree (2014) in mechanical engineering from University of the Philippines, and a bachelor’s (2017) and master’s degree (2019) in aerospace engineering from University of Arizona. She is a PhD candidate at Virginia Tech, working with Dr. Mathieu Joerger, on navigation integrity using multi-constellation GNSS and LEO satellite constellations.

Sandeep K. Jada

Obtained a Bachelor of Technology degree (2008) in Aeronautical Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, India, and a Master of Engineering degree (2011) in Aerospace Engineering from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. He worked in Airbus India (2011 to 2018) in the Flight Physics Department, Bangalore, India. He is currently a doctoral student at Virginia Tech working with Dr Mathieu Joerger, with a focus on error time correlation modelling and GNSS interference detection.

Master's Students

Rutvik Dagadkhair

Rutvik Dagadkhair is a master's student at Virginia Tech, working with Dr. Mathieu Joerger.

Casey Smith

After obtaining his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Rowan University (New Jersey), Casey Smith worked for Canon Virginia Inc., where he designed and programmed robotic assembly systems. Experience with 6-axis and self-driving robots led him to Virginia Tech to pursue research with autonomous systems.

Casey Smith's work is focused on analyzing and reducing the collateral damage created by precise counter-UAV systems for deployment in potentially cluttered airspaces. A working knowledge of UAV PNT architecture, GNSS, and RF devices is required. His work consists of derivations from first principles followed by MATLAB simulations.

Julian Wang

Julian Wang is a master's student in aerospace engineering at Virginia Tech. He works on combining deep learning with guidance, navigation and control (GNC).

Julian Wang is also a GNC engineer at Northrop Grumman.

Haoming Yan

Haoming Yan obtained a bachelor's degree (2022) in aerospace engineering from University of Arizona. He is currently a master's student in aerospace engineering, working with Dr. Joerger and focusing on GNSS jammer localization using unmanned aerial systems (UAS). He is a FAA Part 107 remote pilot.

Underaduate Students

Alex Brown

Alex Brown is an undergraduate research assistant, working with Dr. Mathieu Joerger and studying Computer Science at Virginia Tech. He is working on UAS-based jammer localization. 

Jasmine Mendez

Jasmine Mendez is currently a sophomore studying mechanical engineering. She is working on the UAS-based jammer localization project as an undergraduate research assistant. 

Daniel Miles

Daniel Miles is an undergraduate research assistant.

Riley Parsons

Riley Parsons is an undergraduate research assistant.

Past Interns and Alumni

Graduate Alumni

  • Massimo Andrea Artusi (MS) - Inertial Labs
  • Aditya Balaraman - India-Based Manufacturing Software Tech Startup
  • Bryan Bergan - Northrop Grumman Tactical Space Systems (2009)
  •  Dr. Ali Hassani (PhD) -  Senior GNC Engineer at Sierra Space
  • Casey Hall (MS) - Lockheed Martin
  • Jaeyeok Kim - Purdue University
  • Gustavo Lee - Raytheon, Tuscon
  • Brandon Medellin (MS) - Northrop Grumman
  • Shwetabh Singh (MS) - Inertial Labs

Undergraduate Alumni

  • Hailey Craft - The Aerospace Corporation
  • Chenming Fan - Torc Robotics
  • Baden Harmon
  • Sarah Scroggins - Lockheed Martin

Former Undergraduate Interns

  • Blake Wilhelm
  • Maedini Jayaprakash
  • Anahita Jain
  • Surabhi Srivastava
  • Ian Willebeek-Lemair
  • David Kennedy
  • Eszter Varga

Lab Manager Alumni

  • Nicholas Morris - Raytheon, Tucson