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Skin Friction and Heat Flux Measurements

This research involves the development and testing of devices for the direct measurement of skin friction and heat flux in hot, high-speed flows. Current focus is on the use of fiber-optic and nanomaterial sensors. Tests are conducted at NASA, UTRC and other high-speed facilities. Support is from NASA, Air Force, and industry.

Aerodynamics and Multidisciplinary Design Optimization for Advanced Aircraft

The aerodynamics of innovative transonic and supersonic aircraft configurations is being studied, and the results are incorporated in MDO design studies. Some of the configurations under study include distributed propulsion to improve propulsive efficiency and reduce noise. Another arrangement involves truss-braced wings to improve aircraft performance and reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Support is from NASA, USAF, and Boeing.

Injection, Mixing and Combustion in Supersonic Flow

This effort involves experimental studies in Virginia Tech, supersonic and hypersonic wind tunnels and supporting numerical predictions for injection. A main application is to the combustion chamber for scramjet vehicles. Probes and optical methods are employed. Combined injectors and plasma ignitors for hydrogen and hydrocarbon fuels are under study. The effort is supported by NASA, Air Force, and industry.