James Marchman

Professor Emeritus

  • Ph.D., 1968, Mechanical Engineering, North Carolina State University
  • B.S., 1964, Mechanical Engineering, North Carolina State University

1993-2000, Assistant Department Head, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, 1989-1993, Associate Dean of Engineering for Academic Affairs, College of Engineering, 1987-present, Professor, 1972-1987, Associate Professor, 1968-1972, Assistant Professor, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; 1968-present, Consultant to Various Commercial Agencies; 1966-1968, Teaching Assistant, North Carolina State University; 1966, Aerospace Engineer, U.S. Army Aviation Test Activity, Edwards AFB, CA; 1964-1968, Research Assistant, North Carolina State University.

Educational Interests International Aircraft Design Teaming

  • Extensive experience in international design team collaboration with universities outside the United States including England, France, and Thailand. These international design temas have won numerous design awares. For information about some of the designs see "IKELOS", "PEGASUS", "VENTURE".
  • Textbooks
  • Aircraft Design Projects for Engineering Students, by L.R. Jenkinson and J.F. Marchman (2003). Published by th eAIAA in the US (ISBN 1-56374-619-3) and by Butterworth-Heinemann in Europe (ISBN 0-7506-5772-3)
  • Introduction to Aerodynamics & Aircraft Performance, by J.F. Marchman, III, (2004), available through A-1 Copies, Blacksburg, VA.
  • Other Books
  • The Last Western Flyer, The Western Auto Century, by Jim Marchman (2004), Published by the author.

AIAA Associate Fellow


Experimental Subsonic Aerodynamics

Wind tunnel facilities are used to examine overall and detailed flowfields on wings, aircraft and non-aeronautical shapes including automobiles, ships, high speed trains, buildings and structures. Past research topics have ranged from studies of wing-tip and leading edge vortex aerodynamics to low Reynolds number wing aerodynamics.

Experimental Fluid Dynamics

Wind and water tunnels and other special purpose facilities are used to study internal flow fields through engine inlets and nozzles, within the core of a solid rocket engine and in vehicle interiors.

Wind Engineering

Wind tunnel studies to examine the effects of winds around non-aeronautical shapes such as buildings, structures, signs, outdoor lighting, etc.

Photo of Dr. James Marchman




Software for AOE 3014

IKELOS (A super short take-off and landing aircraft)

Pegasus (A modern "roadable aircraft" or flying car)

The Venture (An advanced amphibian general aviation aircraft)