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Rolls-Royce Aircraft Inlet and Exhaust Design

  • Feb 12, 2018
  • 4:00 p.m.
  • 260 New Classroom Building
  • Bryan H. Lerg, Chief, Installations Aerodynamics
  • Faculty Host: Dr. Todd Lowe

Abstract: An overview of Rolls-Royce US military inlet and exhaust group function and fit in the global company.  The briefing will include the methods of design we employ with applications from helicopters to hypersonic vehicles. A brief overview of engine environmental protection and IR suppression will be included.  Also included will be guidance on how to get hired and how to succeed in the company as a student transitions from academics to the professional world.

Bio: Mr. Lerg has 14 years of experience in aerospace installations in both military and civil applications. This work includes helicopter, tilt rotor, subsonic and supersonic aircraft, expendable systems, survivable, and highly embedded installations. Mr. Lerg joined Rolls-Royce in the propulsion systems integration (PSI) group in 2004 working military exhaust systems.  He moved from the PSI organization into the survivability technologies group responsible for both IR and RF reduction programs until taking on the role of Chief of Installations Aerodynamics.  Mr. Lerg’s responsibilities as a functional chief include accountability for overall system design as well as performance, operability, fluid systems, and aero installations for Rolls‑Royce advanced inlet and exhaust systems.  He has worked closely with industry partners to develop solutions to challenging integration issues.  He has published 2 papers and has 4 patents.