• Dr. John Black
  • Virginia Tech
  • 310 Kelly Hall
  • 4:00 p.m.

Abstract: The Center for Space Science and Engineering at Virginia Tech (Space@VT) resides in the College of Engineering. Its mission is to provide forefront research, instruction, and educational outreach in the fields of space science and engineering utilizing a holistic approach of theoretical modeling, advanced simulation techniques, space system and instrument design, and experimental data acquisition, analysis and interpretation. Space@VT has broad interests and expertise in the fields of space science and engineering. Research focuses include upper atmospheric science, sunearth connections, space instrument design, space mission design, remote sensing, magnetospheric and ionospheric physics, ground-based instrument design, groundbased space weather studies, Global Navigation Satellite System GNSS receivers and space weather applications, computational space plasma physics, active space experiments, spacecraft dynamics and control, spacecraft design, spacecraft environmental interactions, and advanced space propulsion systems. Sponsors of Space@VT research include the National Science Foundation NSF, NASA, the Department of Defense DoD, national research laboratories, as well as private corporations. This presentation will overview current Space@VT spaceflight missions.