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APPL offers propulsion testing services, as well as machining services, for internal and external users. Procedures for accessing these services are provided to follow. Availability of testing cells may be checked via the calendar below.

Please reach out to Jason Doby ( with the following information when using the facility:

  1. Name or names of team: (If unknown, state your name + 1, 2, 3, etc.,)
  2. Day(s) and Times (the more exact times the better for others to plan if possible) 
  3. State purpose of test, whether paying for test, or just working on rig, commissioning, or misc. (i.e. Helps give everyone a view of a "priority" test rather than just working on a rig, etc.)
  4. What room/cell you want?
  5. Will you be using the compressor (Helps other teams know if they can or cannot test or work on rig?)
  6. If a rig makes a loud noise or if there is any doubt, has the PI has issued an APPL noise ordinance SOP warning been sent out by PI (Faculty Leader) and if that has been done (Y or N)? Your PI knows what to do and has instructions.
  7. If there's a conflict or test of rig that has priority over other testing, it is the responsibility of the PI to negotiate with the conflicting party's PI in order to reach a compromise.

***All the above criteria will be entered within the APPL calendar information sections/tabs for each new entry.***

Use the template provided for daily usage logging here:

  1. Use every day for logging your work in APPL.
  2. Go to “File/Make a copy” in order to create new logs for each entry/project/user.
  3. Submit your filled log as part of your supporting info when reporting usage.

Be sure to reserve test cells and compressor time slots using the APPL Usage Calendar for a guide scheduling and send a email to Jason Doby ( to reserve for each cell in the laboratory.

The earlier of every 2 weeks or when a test campaign is complete, report usage to the Google Form:

  1. You will need to be logged on as a VT user to access this.
  2. Enter all fields as completely as possible.
  3. Use your personal log for summarizing usage: occupancy and compressor hours.
  4. Submit a copy of your log as supporting information. (Can download an excel version from Google Sheets.)

Diana Israel will directly receive the usage reports and handle billing each month according to the information provided in the forms.

Be sure to reserve test cells and compressor time slots using the APPL Usage Calendar as a guide for scheduling and email Jason Doby or your PI to reserve for each cell in the laboratory.

For reference, usage forms are also available here:

CONTACT: Randall Monk (Machine Shop Supervisor) via email: ( or cell: 540-525-7530 to schedule an appointment for a consultation. In person consultations or needs are by appointment only.


  1. Email Address of Requestor 
  2. Requestor name 
  3. Project Name 
  4. Fund Number 
  5. Advisor Name 
  6. Description of Job 
  7. Desired Completion Date (***requires a 7-10 day lead time or will be charged over-time for job***)

Procedure for handling incoming packages: from Diana Israel 2/21/20 

  1. Get the packing slip out of the box and reseal the package. 
  2. Write their last name on the package 
  3. Write the package info on the package log
  4.  Date stamp or write the date on the packing slip. 
  5. Jason Doby will scan the packing slips to Diana Israel ( for ME or Erin Wilson ( for AOE. 
  6. Leave packing slips on Eric’s desk in the incoming packing slips slot so Eric Greenman can file them by vendor

Normal deliveries: are received by either the PI or his/ her respective team for their specific rig or an email is to be sent ahead of time to Jason Doby ( in order to make arrangements to receive in case the PI or Team is unable to do so.

Special deliveries: If there is a specific kind of  delivery requiring a forklift to unload or special arrangements needed, let Jason Doby or Randall Monk know well ahead of time to schedule a forklift operator to assist in unloading.

All users (internal and external) are required to abide by our safety procedures. Please see the safety tab for more information.

Note that the following training is required of all users -Access via (

  1. Hearing Conservation 
  2. Electrical awareness 
  3. Hazcom RTK 
  4. Laser Safety 
  5. Lockout Tagout Awareness 
  6. PPE Awareness 
  7. Portable Fire Extinguisher 
  8. Compressed Gas Cylinder 
  9. Flammable Liquid Safety 
  10. General Lab Safety 
  11. Hand and Power Tool Safety 
  12. Ladder Safety