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Lab Alumni

PhD Students

Bradley Gobin, PhD 2023,"Exploration and Development of Electrically Controllable Gel and Solid Propellants", Naval Surface Warfare Center - Indian Head Division - Indian Head, MD


MS Students

David Kentworthy, M.S. 2020, "Acoustic Levitation: A Novel Approach to Droplet Combustion Testing", Northrop Grumman - Rocket Center, WV

Chase Leuchtmann, M.S., 2022, "Toward the Characterization of Neat Boron and Borides in HTPB Based Fuels for Utilization in Solid Fuel Ramjets" Lockheed Martin - Huntsville, Al

Harrison Autry, M.S. 2023, "Characterization of Electrically Controlled Gel Polymer Electrolyte Monopropellants", Aerojet - Huntsville, Al

James Meier, M.S. 2023, "Novel Gel-Infused Additively Manufactured Hybrid Rocket Solid Fuels", ClearFlame - Geneva, Il

Ethan Schlussel, M.S. 2023, "Supersonic Combustion of Solid Fuels", - United States Air Force 

Emily Sellards, M.S. 2023, "Comparison of Cation-Anion Oxidizer Pairings in Electrically Controllable Solid Propellants", Pratt & Whitney, East Hartford, CT