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More About Dr. Gary Seidel

Dr. Seidel directs the MultiScale Damage Evolution in Multifunctional Materials  or Structures (Multiscale DEMMOS) research group.  The group is focused on developing analytic and computational multiscale modeling tools based on micromechanics philosophies to capture damage evolution in composites, or more specifically, in composites which exhibit coupled mechanical, thermal, and electromagnetic response due to active constituent phases, interactions between phases, or due to phase transitions. Of particular interest are addressing challenges associated with passing information between length scales spanning the nano, micro, meso and macroscales as well as the associated time scales of physical phenomena of interest which can range from femtoseconds and microseconds to years. Essential components of the multiscale model development approach are the verification and validation efforts, the latter providing impetus for the group's interest in multiscale characterization efforts which can be used to help generate statistically meaningful representative volume elements and to provide measurable checks for predictions at each scale.  To support such efforts, Dr. Seidel is a co-Director of the Aerospace Structures and Materials Lab.

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