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March 21, 2019: Exploration of Composition, Oxidizer, and Geometry on the Combustion Characteristics and Propulsive Performance of Solid Fuels in Hybrid Rocket Applications

  •  March 21, 2019
  • 4:00 p.m.
  • 110 Holden Hall
  • Dr. Greg Young, Naval Surface Warfare Center
  • Faculty Host: Dr. Todd Lowe


Abstract: Demands for improving the range and safety of volume limited propulsion systems has led to renewed interest in solid fuels for both air breathing and hybrid rocket applications.  In the case of hybrid rockets, the primary challenges to implementation are low energy density, reliable restart capability, and low fuel regression rates. In particular, low fuel regression rates result in comparatively low thrust levels for hybrids hindering their application.  Earlier work by our research group led to the development of high energy density fuels with comparable performance to solid rockets on a volume basis. More recent work has focused on the fundamental combustion properties of solid fuels with various oxidizers as well as the development of high regression rate fuels.  Fuels with unique geometry and composition were developed utilizing additive manufacturing techniques. This seminar will explore the effects of oxidizer selection on solid fuel combustion behavior, concepts for significantly increasing fuel regression rates, and briefly discuss ongoing efforts towards reliable ignition and re-ignition schemes.

Bio: Dr. Young is the Senior Technology Leader for Combustion and Propulsion for the Naval Surface Warfare Center – Indian Head Division.  He leads a research group that focuses on the combustion of energetic materials with specific applications in rocket (solid, liquid, hybrid) propulsion as well as air breathing propulsion.  Dr. Young received his doctoral degree from the University of Maryland in 2008 specializing in air breathing propulsion and metallic nanoparticle combustion. He was the recipient of the Dr. Delores M. Etter Award for Navy Top Scientists and Engineers in 2015 for his work in developing novel high energy density fuels for hybrid rocket applications.