• Dr. Alex Main
  • Duke University
  • 135 Goodwin Hall
  • 4:00 p.m.
  • Faculty Host: Dr. Kevin Wang

This talk examines the design and implementation of embedded boundary methods for problems involving multiphysics, specifically those involving fluid-fluid and fluid-structure interactions, with an emphasis on those problems involving complex, highly nonlinear phenomena.  A second order accurate embedded boundary method is introduced for fluid-fluid and fluid-structure interaction.  The accuracy and stability of these embedded boundary methods are examined, by introducing tools to quantify the stability of embedded boundary methods, and techniques are introduced to stabilize embedded boundary methods as necessary.  The methods developed are demonstrated on a variety of fluid-fluid and fluid-structure interaction problems.


Dr. Alex Main is a post-doctoral associate at Duke University working with Guglielmo Scovazzi.  His interests are in coupled multiphysics problems, embedded (and ghost) boundary methods, high performance/vector computing, and tools for developing massively parallel codes.  He graduated in November 2014 with a PhD from Stanford University.  His advisor at Stanford was Charbel Farhat, with a thesis titled "Implicit and Higher Order Discretization Methods for Compressible Multi-Phase and Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems".