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Non-Degree Credit Courses

Although many courses will provide a personal benefit, please be aware that not all courses for which you have credit at Virginia Tech will count toward an undergraduate engineering degree. Such courses may not be used to satisfy any graduation requirement, including free electives. Listed below are courses which do not count toward an undergraduate engineering degree.
AtSc 2984Athletic Transitions
AtSc 2984Exploring Careers
COS 2984Athletic Transitions
COS 2984Exploring Careers
CS 1004Computer Literacy
CEE 4984Review of CE Fundamentals of FE Exam
EDCI 1004College Success Strategies
EDCI 1014Cadet Success Strategies
EDCI 2984Cadet Success Strategies
EDCI 2984College Success Strategies
EDHL 2984Resident Education
EDHL 2984Leadership from International Perspective
EDHL 2984Healthy Living
EDHL 4964Field Study
EDHL 4984Orientation Skills
EDHL 4984Orientation/Peers
EDHL 4984Orientation/Leader
EDHL 4974Wing Student Teaching Assistant
EF/ENGE 2984Engineering Success Seminar
Engl 1004English as a Second Language
Engl 0014English as a Second Language
ENGR 1014GNGR Research Seminar
ENGR 1034First Year Hypatia Seminar
ENGR 1054First Year Galieo Seminar
ENGR 2044Second Year Hypatia Seminar
ENGR 2984C Aspired Seminar
ENGR 2984College Success Strategies for Engineers
ENGR 2984Engineering Success Strategies
ENGR 2984Women in Engineering
ENGR 2984Hypatia Seminar
ENGR 2984Engineering Honors Seminar
ENGR 2984Freshman Engineering Seminar
ENGR 2984Mentoring Seminar
ENGR 3004Mentoring Seminar
ENGR 4984CEED Team Leader Seminar
ESM 2984ESP Statics
ESM 4404Fundamentals of Professional Engineering
FCD 2984Success Project
HD 2984Healthy Living
HD 2984Success Project
MaSc 1024Mathematics, A Liberal Arts Approach
MaSc 1034Statistics, A Liberal Arts Approach
MaSc 1044Computer Science, A Liberal Arts Approach
Math 1504Pre Calculus
Math 2984Emerging Scholar
Math 1015/1016Elementary Calculus with Trig.
Math 1525/1526Elementary Calculus with Matrices
Math 2015/2016Elementary Calculus with Trig. II
ME 4984SAE Automotive
Phys 2205/2206General Physics, not Calc-based
Psyc 2984Athletic Transitions
Psyc 2984First Year Experience
UNIV 2394Introduction to Residence Life/Residential Communities