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2020 Commencement

University Commencement Details

The first-of-its-kind event on Friday, May 15, at 6:30 p.m. ET will mark an important milestone for seniors and is a chance to honor the years of dedication and hard work that brought students to graduation.

Photo of graduation tassels

Cheers to the Aerospace and Ocean Engineering Grads!

Celebrate our Hokie graduates all week long! Head over to the department Facebook page, where we will be sharing student photos and post-graduate plans, announcing senior superlatives, and posting a special video send-off from faculty. 

Outstanding Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Alka Panda is the 2020 Outstanding Senior for the Aerospace and Ocean Engineering department.

Alka Panda is the 2020 Outstanding Senior for the Aerospace and Ocean Engineering department.

Alka Panda has been named the 2020 Outstanding Senior in the department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering.

Outstanding Graduate Student for 2020 is

Agastya Balantrapu has been named the 2020 Outstanding Graduate student in the department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering.

2020 Senior Superlatives

Kevin T. Crofton Award: Most likely to give back to Virginia Tech: James Hintzke

The Quarantine Award: Most Likely to Self Isolate in the ASDI: Wade Foster

The Craig Woolsey Award: Most Likely to Be in the Gym: Bryce Ziemer

Maverick & Goose Award: Kyle Sakmyster & Bruce Barbour

Todd Lowe Award: Most likely to remain at Virginia Tech forever: Avery Sebolt

Most likely to study a month early for an exam: Jonathan Dronfield

The Thin Wall Award: “Can we use Mathematica?”: Konark Chopra

“Failure is not an option”: Teammate who saved the day: Alka Panda

Most likely to be the one that says they failed, but got a 98: Jared Minionis

The Beamer Award: Most likely to be in North End Zone next football season: Emily Danko

The Stefano Brizzolara Award: Best dressed: Jayme Goode

The Elon Musk Twitter Award (Class Clown) : Christopher Iskander

The Kevin Wang Award: Most likely to make you smile: Elleora Farris

The Overbooked Award: Most likely to be in two meetings at once: Sean Fang

The Stealth Bomber Award: Least likely to be seen in person: Ryan Hasegawa

The Ashton Kutcher Award: Least Likely to Use Their Engineering Degree: Quinn Blankenship

The Eric Paterson Award: Most Likely to be Eating Food in the ASDI: Simran Singh

The Crawler: Most likely to be downtown: Tayo Oladele

The Usain Bolt Award: Most likely to ask for homework help ten minutes before it’s due: Olivia Arthur

The Kevin Shinpaugh Award: Most Likely to Move off the Grid: Nico Ortiz

The William Devenport Award for Best Mustache: Ben Truban

That 70’s Award: Biggest Hippie Vibes: Laura Davies

The Insomniac Award: Most Likely to Never Sleep: Patrick Anzalone 

The Kardashian Award: Most likely to have a reality TV show: Eddie Dean

The Advisory Team Award: Most likely to give you a pep talk: Sam Briere

The Breakfast Club Award: Most likely to be asleep in class: Tony DiBiaso

The Warfighter Award: Most likely to be thanked for their service: Patrick Davis

The Student Athlete Grind Award: Heidi Engebreth

The Valedictorian Award: Most likely to tell us their high school GPA: Emily Cleland

Most likely to date someone in the same major: Maedini Jayaprakash & Brendan Ventura

The Spilled Tea Award: Most likely to have the scoop: Clayton Satterfield

The Kanye West Award: Least likely to smile for their senior photo: Peter Buccowich or Ben Sullivan

The Intro to Aero Award: Most likely to name the airplane flying by: Ben Henson

Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous: Most likely to fly first class: Tyler Kennedy

Air Traffic Controller Award: Cool and collected: Sam Cullen

Lead Propulsion Engineer: Laptop sounds the most like a jet engine: David Shane

Orbital Debris Award: Messiest workplace: Joe D’Agostaro

Mark Watney Award: Most likely to get stuck on Mars: Jake Reardon

Most likely to become an astronaut: Bruce Barbour

The Super-Computer: Shinpaugh’s favorite: John Schlafman

The Mad Scientist Award: Most likely to blow up their own rocket: Johnny Jaffee

Most likely to live on a boat: Stuart Beveridge

The Alan Brown Award: Most Likely to Go on a Tangent about a Sea Story: Harry Crosby

Gray Hull Disease: Most Likely to spend a career working for NAVSEA: Chris Batto

The Jethro Gibbs Award: Most Likely to Build a Boat in their Basement: Noah Walker

The Yacht Club Award: Most likely to get sidetracked looking at pictures of luxury watercraft: Katherine Zalegowski

Chalk Award, jinxed with technology: Dr. Craig Woolsey

Most likely to outsource a lecture: Dr. Christine Gilbert

Most Approachable: Dr. Todd Lowe

Most Quotable: Dr. Pat Artis

The 2020 Golden Screw: Chris “No Boundary Layer on the Final” Roy