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Tiasha Khan

Tiasha Khan, '10

Program Manager, Virginia Tech National Security Institute

Where I've been in my career and where I'm going... Lots of different fields from the aerospace industry to public safety communications, to the subject matter expert for Verizon’s Internet of things solutions.

All of those great changes led me back to my passion of helping students and I get to do just that as a program manager for the Virginia Tech National Security Institute.

Tiasha Khan, '10

Fondest memories of AOE...

Studying with my friends and presenting at the student AIAA conference when it was at Virginia Tech!

Favorite Virginia Tech tradition...

Class Rings!

Who inspired you to become an engineer?

I had many roles models that inspired me to be an engineer but I think the person that convinced me was my physics teacher in high school who was the first person to push me!

Challenges you've had to overcome in aerospace engineering...

One of the biggest challenges I’ve had is being taken seriously, if not for being a woman or being younger. At the end of the day I let my work speak for itself and knew I earned the seat at the table.

Faculty member who had the biggest impact on you...

Dr. Craig Woolsey: I worked as an undergraduate research assistant for Dr. Woolsey and it was one of the best experiences of my undergraduate career. Not to mention we watched the movie 'Top Gun' in his class!

"I wish I knew then"...

So many people are looking up to you that you don’t even know about. Trust your heart!

How AOE equipped you for the "real world"...

AOE was challenging and pushed me and my knowledge but I believe that prepared me for the real world to continue to do my best but understand when to ask for help from peers.

What you miss most about Virginia Tech...

I don’t have to! I get to work here and live here everyday! I had the fondest memories with my friends at Virginia Tech.

How do you stay connected with fellow Hokies?

Staying on LinkedIn, helping student groups where I can by speaking at events and mentoring students.

Current project that you're most excited about...

Cultivating the next generation of national security professionals! Lots of exciting programs.

A woman who helped you get to where you are...

My mom! She has been my biggest cheerleader my whole life.

Advice to current women studying in AOE...

You’ve got this and you are exactly where you’re meant to be! You’ve earned it.


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