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Alison Y. Yu


System Engineer, Mobius

Where I've been in my career and where I'm going...Starting with undergraduate research at Virginia Tech and continuing through my graduate work at MIT to my career now, I have focused on modeling and simulation development. My first job after school was modeling and simulation work at Draper Laboratory determining performance of navigation, guidance, and control technology for strategic systems and creating simulation environments for algorithm development. I am currently transitioning roles and will be working at Mobius doing modeling and simulation work with the Missile Defense Agency.

Alison Yu, '17

Fondest memories of AOE...

Many jokes with classmates who had nicknames and worked on assignments together.

Favorite Virginia Tech tradition...

Saying "Go Hokies!" any time we spot maroon and orange. I have even had the pleasure of enjoying this tradition in other countries!

Who inspired you to become an engineer?

My father raised me on monster truck rallies, and Nascar races, and when he took me to my first air show in elementary school this began my journey and interest in aerospace engineering.

Challenges you've had to overcome in aerospace engineering...

There are parts of the industry where bully culture remains. It is important when confident in a response to speak with assurance and respect.

Faculty member who had the biggest impact on you...

Pat Artis truly values his students above all else. Pat continues to keep in touch and connects me with current Hokies who are interested in my educational and career experiences. I am forever grateful to Pat for writing my graduate school letter of recommendation in less than 24hrs on Christmas Eve due to circumstances.


How AOE equipped you for the "real world"...

Virginia Tech engineers have big aspirations and the network of classmates who are "inventing the future" is invaluable.

What you miss most about Virginia Tech...

The #1 dining halls, the beautiful New River Valley, and the Hokie spirit.

How do you stay connected with fellow Hokies?

Keeping in touch on LinkedIn.

"I wish I knew then"...

That a semester of undergraduate research can be tremendously more valuable than a laundry list of electives or a specific GPA. When looking to hire, employers want to know what interests an engineer has and undergraduate research can reflect this much more uniquely than some classes.

A woman who helped you get to where you are...

My first chief engineer when I started working after school, Tina Lung, has become a valued mentor. She provides both technical expertise and career experience that she gladly shares in mentoring the next wave of engineers.

Advice to current women studying in AOE...

Everyone feels imposter syndrome. You belong and are here for a reason.


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