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Special instrumentation

Stability Wind Tunnel Special Features and Equipment

Precision Coordinate Measuring Machine
In addition to the different flow measurement capabilities, the stability tunnel is also equipped with a FARO Fusion Arm coordinate measuring machine. This machine is computer controlled and permits accurate measurements (within 0.1mm) of model or mount geometries. Such measurements can be used to verify alignment, validate manufacturing process or provide precise boundary conditions for CFD simulation.

Figure 10: FARO Fusion Arm (Coordinate Measuring Machine).


Dynamic Plunge-Pitch-Roll System - DyPPiR
The facility is also equipped with a unique Dynamic Plunge-Pitch-Roll model mounting system. This system provides the capability to study a variety of dynamic effects heretofore not possible. This capability is described in details on the DyPPiR website.

The setup is illustrated schematically in Figure 9.

Figure 11: Isometric view of the DyPPiR dynamic model support system.


Because of the dynamic action of the DyPPiR, we have included a short (12 sec.) movie. (about 1.1 megabytes).