The DyPPiR represents the next generation in wind tunnel testing methodologies: simulation of true unsteady aerodynamics. The DyPPiR is essentially a hydraulically powered, computer controlled, three degree-of-freedom robotic arm that is used to force sting mounted wind tunnel models through general, large excursion, high rate, high Reynolds number maneuvers. The DyPPiR is being used to study the maneuvering performance of submarines and fighter aircraft, and future work will involve even transient racecar aerodynamics. In addition to standard force and moment measurements, surface skin friction measurements (for three-dimensional separation location detection) and surface pressure measurements are made, and a Doppler Global Velocimeter (DGV) will permit 3-component velocity measurements to be made in a plane in the flow at specific instances during a maneuver.

Unsteady Wind Testing
DyPPiR Hardware Overview
DyPPiR Research Overview
Unsteady Flow Over a 6:1 Prolate Spheroid (including data).


Video of DyPPiR Carriage Hardware - 6MB
Video of Pitchup Maneuver 6:1 Prolate Spheroid - 5.2MB
Video of Submarine (0.3sec) Pitchdown Maneuver - 3.9MB
Video of Rapid (0.3sec) Double Racecar - 10.5MB
Video of F-18 Rapid Plunge and Roll Maneuvers - 16.6MB


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