This equipment is a large, multi-axial, servo-hydraulic testing machine purchased in 1988 from the MTS Systems Corporation (Eden Prairie, Minnesota), and it is located in 107 Hancock Hall. This machine is capable of simultaneously loading of test articles axially and torsionally, controlling either the axial load or axial displacement and controlling either torque or rotation. The computer automation (MTS TestStar workstation and Model 490 Digital controller) makes it possible to specify random independent biaxial loading on each axis in fatigue, or of a controlled phase relationship between each axis, or to input load spectrums obtained from field measurements, as well as providing data acquisition. The load unit has a fatigue load rating of 110,000 lbs axial and 50,000 lbs-in. torsional. The usable test space is 60 inches vertical spacing between actuator and load cell. Horizontal clearance between the load frame columns is 30 inches. The maximum stroke of the linear actuator is 6 inches, and the maximum rotation of the rotary actuator is 100 degrees.



- MTS Model 468.01 interface
- DEC Model PDP 11/53 Mini-Computer
- A/D Converters for 24 channels of data acquisition