Dear AOE Seniors,

Welcome back to campus, I hope that you had a good spring break!   Starting today, the AOE Studio for Design Innovation (ASDI@VT) is open for business!!!!!   Thank you for your patience over the past 6 months.   Since we had some vendor problems, the main entrance and glass walls will not be installed until late April.   Therefore, the temporary entrance is across the hall from the advising center.    You should have access by swiping your Hokie Passport.    Given the level of investment in this facility, we will enforce the following rules,

1.  No food or drink allowed.

2.  Furniture is not to be moved from any of the rooms.

3.  Room priority is given to reservations on Google Calendar (more information soon).

4.  When leaving the studio, please do you part to make sure everything is neat and tidy.

All violations of the rules will result in the loss of access.

The technology in the studio includes 8 dedicated engineering workstations, three collaboration stations, a presentation theatre, a flexible "white-board" room, and a conference room.   The furniture uses the hockey-puck system where multiple portable computers (via HDMI) can be connected and selected by tapping on your respective puck.  In addition, all furniture have a computer attached to puck #1.   All computers have necessary software and licenses for the design courses.

One final note, given that this is our flagship space in AOE, we will be using the conference room for several important meetings over the next few weeks, including corporate visitors and faculty interviews.   This is in-line with my goal that the space be professional and multi-use, therefore, expect to see faculty and graduate students using the space for meetings when available.

Dr. Paterson