Starting in September 2011, the Virginia Tech Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering (AOE) began a Naval Engineering Program at Virginia Tech. This program includes an Undergraduate Minor in Naval Engineering, a Graduate Certificate in Naval Engineering (with Degree only), and a new series of Naval Engineering courses:

    AOE 4264 - Principles of Naval Engineering

    AOE 5314 - Naval Ship Systems Engineering, Design and Performance

    AOE 5315/5316 - Naval Ship Design

The American Society of Naval Engineers defines Naval Engineering as “a field of study and expertise that includes all engineering and sciences as applied in the research, development, design, construction, operation, maintenance and logistic support of surface and subsurface ships, craft, aircraft, and vehicles (manned and autonomous) used by the Navy for the Nation’s defense. Consequently the Naval Engineering Program at Virginia Tech is intended for all majors, particularly in the College of Engineering, and includes a significant naval engineering project-based education component.

This program is affiliated with the Naval Engineering Education Consortium (NEEC). The objective of the NEEC is to work with the US Navy and the Navy Enterprise to educate engineers and scientists (at the bachelor, masters and doctorate levels) to become a part of the US Navy civilian workforce. The Navy created this consortium because of a projected critical shortage of naval engineers from all disciplines, identified by the Navy [2, 3] and briefed to Congress in 2009. 

It is expected that this program and consortium will become a permanent source of naval engineers, and also provide an opportunity for on-going research collaboration between the Navy and academia in critical new technology areas. This education will include student participation in Naval Engineering research projects, internships and naval engineering curricula. 

Virginia Tech is uniquely positioned in this consortium because of our existing curricula in naval architecture, marine engineering, naval engineering and related engineering courses and programs. We have a well-established distance learning program already supporting the Navy. The development of this program and curriculum is also very supportive of our relationship with a number of Virginia industries and government organizations, including Newport News Shipbuilding, Naval Warfare Centers, NAVSEA, and a number of large engineering support contractors and smaller shipyards. Our plan is to integrate and extend our existing programs, courses and curricula in College of Engineering minor and certificate programs to better support this initiative and prepare students for the naval engineering profession.

[1] US Navy Broad Agency Announcement – Naval Engineering Education Center (NEEC), Solicitation Number N6554009QD237, October 8, 2009.

[2] Shipbuilding Engineering Education Consortium (SEEC) Final Report, National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP), June 16, 2009.

[3] A Human Capital Strategy for Ship Design Acquisition Workforce Improvement, ASNE Day 2009 Presentation, Robert G. Keane, Howard Fireman, Jeffrey Hough and Kelly Cooper, April 9, 2009.

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