Virginia Tech, Wright State University (WSU), and the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB), Ohio, specializing in the design of aerospace vehicles, have teamed to form a collaborative center for the development of future aerospace vehicles (FAVs). The center is based at Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech's Multidisciplinary Analysis and Design Center for Advanced Vehicles (MAD center) and WSU researchers involved in this new collaboration, along with the Air Force's Multidisciplinary Technology Center (MDTC), form the Collaborative Center on Multidisciplinary Sciences (CCMS). Click the logo or center title for more information.

Starting in September 2011, the Virginia Tech Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering (AOE) began a Naval Engineering Program. This program includes an Undergraduate Minor in Naval Engineering, a Graduate Certificate in Naval Engineering (with Degree only), and a new series of Naval Engineering courses. This program also provides an opportunity for on-going research collaboration between the Navy and academia in critical new technology areas. This education will include student participation in Naval Engineering research projects, internships and naval engineering curricula.

The Virginia Center for Autonomous Systems (VaCAS) is an ICTAS/College of Engineering research center which facilitates interdisciplinary research in autonomous systems technology. VaCAS hosts research activities spanning every application domain: water, land, air, and space. VaCAS member research activities range from fundamental control theory to vehicle development to applications for science, security, and commerce. Click the logo or center title for more information.