The Aerospace and Ocean Engineering Department offers a Master of Engineering degree in Aerospace Engineering. This non-thesis option degree program requires the completion of a project and report which in some cases is required to be in conjunction with other students. Such a project and report is generally not research oriented, but deals with other aspects of an engineering problem and may involve a team of students. A Naval Engineering Certificate option is also available that can be completed with the Master of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering or Ocean Engineering.


Photo of a pair of F-22s in flight

For the Aerospace Engineering Degree, students are required to take at least one course in each general area of aerodynamics, structures, and flight mechanics and control. This requirement is to ensure that graduates from this program can operate in a multidisciplinary environment. In all cases the Master of Engineering program focuses on engineering type problems and their solutions.

A formal description of the Master of Engineering degrees and their requirements may be found here (pdf). A final comprehensive oral exam will be required of all students upon completion of the degree requirements. Guidelines for the oral exam are described in the AOE Graduate Study Policies and Procedures Manual. Non-thesis option Masters of Science and Masters of Engineering students may also reference the AOE Guide to Non-Thesis Final Examinations document for more information.