Software and Data


SediFoam is a hybrid CFD-DEM solver for particle-laden flows based on two open-source codes: OpenFOAM, an object-oriented CFD platform by OpenCFD, and LAMMPS, a highly efficient molecular dynamics solver by Sandia National Laboratories.  The SediFoam solver is distributed publicly under GPL license on GitHub.

Data of Breaking Solitary Wave Runup on a Sand Beach

I have received several requests of the experimental data published in our paper ``Y.L. Young, H. Xiao and T. Maddux. Hyro- and morpho-dynamic modeling of breaking solitary waves over sand beach. Part I: Experimental Modeling. Marine Geology, 269, 107-118, 2010'', so I put all the data and scripts used to generate the plots used in this paper and its companion paper (Xiao et al. 2010) in a single zip file.