Research focus is on fundamental and applied aspects of dynamics, control, and structures. Strong mathematical skills combined with  passion for research, desire to innovate, and a motivating curiosity to explore unchartered intelectual teritories are guarantees for success. Proving results that may have the potential of impact beyond what was originally contemplated is highly desired. Some current research topics are given next along with representative journal publications. As revealed by my complete list of journal publictions, the following list is not exhaustive.

Rotorcraft Dynamics and Control

Complex, physics based, control oriented models are developed to accurately capture essential rotorcraft dynamics. These models are further used in advanced control for steady and maneuvering flight, failure management via control adaptation, integrated helicopter and control design, passive and active blade morphing, autonomy in shipboard operations, etc.

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Tensegrity Structures,  Membranes

Prestressable structures such as tensegrity, membranes, as well as general thin structures are investigated. Fundamental theoretical aspects of these structures modeling, design, stability and control are of interest as well as  applications in civil and space engineering, robotics, energy harvesting. 

Energy Harvesting

Energy harvesting from ocean current turbines (OCT) is of primary interest. Advanced control is pursued for individual devices as well as farms of OCT. Energy harvesting from vibrating membranes is also of interest.

Trajectory Generation, Coordination

Path planning, trajectory, and coordination algorithm for a single vehicle as well as vehicle formations is investigated.

High Speed Aerospace Vehicles

Some Theory Publications (Control, Dynamics, Design) and Intriguing Topics ...