Spring semester

AOE/ME 4174: Spacecraft Propulsion

STS-128 Space Shuttle Discovery on Pad 39a

Image Credit: NASA

Thorough understanding of spacecraft propulsion systems and their application in orbital, interplanetary, and interstellar flight, and in spacecraft attitude control.

AOE/ECE 6174: Computational Plasma Dynamics


Student submission AOE 6174

Kinetic and fluid techniques for simulating plasmas on a range of spatial and temporal scales with applications including electrodynamics, waves, turbulence, space propulsion, spacecraft environmental effects, and the laboratory.

Fall semester (every other year)

AOE 6124: Hypersonic Aerodynamics

Image Credit: NASA

Thorough understanding of physical phenomena and gas dynamics of flow at hypersonic speeds as well as knowledge of approximate methods and solutions in order to access state-of-the-art CFD tools.

AOE 5984: Special Study Advanced Spacecraft Propulsion

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Thorough understanding of spacecraft propulsion concepts beyond conventional chemical propulsion.  Focus is on electric (electrothermal, electrostatic, electromagnetic), and nuclear (fission and fusion) propulsion.