Laboratory Director


Dr. Bhuvana Srinivasan

Assistant Professor, Kevin T Crofton Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering


Postdoctoral researchers


Dr. Petr Cagas


Research Area:

  • Continuum kinetic studies of plasma-material interactions and sheath physics
  • Secondary electron emission for  Hall thrusters and tokamaks
  • Weibel instability

Ph.D. students

Kolter Bradshaw


Research Area:

  • Continuum-kinetic studies of the Weibel instability, sheath physics. and plasma-material interactions

Yuzhi Li


Research Area:

  • Particle in cell simulations of plasma-material interactions relevant to magnetic confinement fusion devices such as tokamaks (ITER experiment in France)
Masti photo

Robert Masti


Research Area:

  • Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) and extended-MHD studies of magneto-inertial fusion to study instabilities in imploding metal liners (MagLIF experiments at Sandia National Laboratory)

Chirag Rathod


Research Area:

  • Plasma instabilities in the ionosphere during a total solar eclipse
  • Multi-fluid plasma simulations of gradient-drift and temperature-gradient instabilities relevant to ionospheric plasma turbulence and GPS scintillation

Yang Song


Research Area:

  • Numerical development of unstructured, high-order accurate, shock capturing schemes for multi-fluid plasma models
  • Limiters for the discontinuous Galerkin implementation of multi-fluid plasma models

Masters students

Camille Samulski


Research Area:

  • MHD and extended-MHD studies of magnetized cylindrical implosions

Rajath Shetty


Research Area:

  • Analytical and numerical studies of magnetohydrodynamic and two-fluid instabilities in a Z-pinch plasma

Undergraduate students


Sharif Abdelwahed

Research Area: 

  • Plasma-Jet Magneto-Inertial Fusion: Rayleigh-Taylor Instabilities at the Fuel to Liner Interface 

Gaurav Sakhawala

Research Area: 

  • High performance computing scaling studies for fluid and plasma modeling


Petr Cagas

Ph.D. student, graduated 2018

Ph.D. dissertation: Continuum kinetic simulations of sheaths and instabilities

Presently at Virginia Tech

Kevin Barnhart

M.S. student, graduated 2018

Masters thesis: Modeling of multiplexed electrospray thrusters in COLISEUM

Presently at Orbital ATK

Colin Glesner

M.S. student, graduated 2016

Masters thesis: Development of magnetic nozzle simulations for space propulsion applications

Presently at United Launch Alliance

Ian Bean

B.S. student, graduated 2017

Undergraduate research: Multifluid simulations of a Z-pinch

Presently a Ph.D. student in the experimental plasma laboratory at Virginia Tech

Jamil Stafford

B.S. student, graduated 2018

Undergraduate research: Weibel instability