Research Mission

Our work focuses on researching plasma physics phenomena as applied to nuclear fusion, space, and a number of basic plasma science applications of relevance to national interest. Nuclear fusion has the potential to meet terrestrial energy demands perpetually (as far as human timescales are concerned) and an efficient, compact fusion reactor has the potential to power long-duration, high thrust, high specific impulse human spaceflight.  Controlled fusion, however, remains one of the biggest challenges of the twenty first century. With these motivations, we develop high-fidelity physics models to study fundamental plasma science for plasma-based space propulsion, inertial confinement, magneto-inertial, and magnetic confinement fusion, and space science, to name a few. 

We are looking for talented PhD students with a strong background in computer programming, differential equations, and fluid dynamics.  If interested, please send your CV to Dr. Bhuvana Srinivasan at