Research by PhD Graduates

  1. Ryan Seifert: “Topology Optimization of Multifunctional Nanocomposite Structures,” PhD Dissertation, October 2018. (co-advised with Prof. Siedel)
  2. Zhongwei Li: “Reliability-Based Design Optimization of Nonlinear Beam-Columns,” PhD Dissertation, March 2018.
  3. Eddie Hale: “Aerodynamic Uncertainty Quantification and Estimation of Uncertainty Quantified Performance of Unmanned Aircraft Using Non-Deterministic Simulations,” PhD Dissertation, December 2016. (co-advised with Prof. Roy)
  4. Mandar Kulkarni: “Continuum Sensitivity Analysis using Boundary Velocity Formulation for Shape Derivatives,” PhD Dissertation, August 2016. (co-advised with Prof. Bob Canfield)
  5. Himanshu Shukla: “Nonlinear Analysis and Control of Aeroelastic Systems,” PhD Dissertation, May 2016.
    • AIAA Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Best Student Paper winner (2016)
  6. Eric Stewart: “Shape and Structural Optimization of Flapping Wings,” PhD Dissertation, December 2013. (co-advised with Prof. Bob Canfield)
  7. Anthony Ricciardi: “Geometrically Nonlinear Aeroelastic Scaling,” PhD Dissertaion, December 2013. (co-advised with Prof. Bob Canfield)
  8. Jeffrey Ouellette: “Modeling and Scaling of a Flexible Subscale Aircraft for Flight Control Development and Testing in the Presence of Aeroservoelastic Interactions,” PhD Dissertation, August 2013.
    • AIAA Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Best Student Paper winner (2014)
  9. William Walker: “Optimization of Harmonically Deforming Thin Airfoils and Membrane Wings for Optimum Thrust and Efficiency” PhD Dissertation, May 2012.
  10. Christopher Emory: “Prediction of Limit Cycle Oscillation in an Aeroelastic System using Nonlinear Normal Modes,” PhD Dissertation, Dec 2010.
  11. Brijesh Raghavan: “Flight Dynamics and Control of Highly Flexible Flying Wings,” PhD Dissertation, April 2009.