Prof. Lowe's teaching portfolio includes undergraduate and graduate courses in propulsion and fluid dynamics. Core to his teaching philosophy for these courses is providing an atmosphere in which students may learn incrementally, often involving recurring technical themes, from out-of-class assignments that are informed by content delivery and examples available in the classroom and online. In each class taught, course technology such as slide screen recording, Web-based assessments, and WebEx lecture/recitation delivery, has enhanced the effectiveness and availability of the course content.

Courses Regularly Taught

AOE/ME 4234 Aerospace Propulsion Systems

Design principles and performance analysis of atmospheric and space propulsion engines and systems. Application of thermodynamics, compressible fluid flow and combustion fundamentals to the design of gas turbine and rocket engines and components, including inlets, turbomachines, combustors, and nozzles. Matching of propulsion system to vehicle requirements.

AOE 5984 Data Analysis for Fluid Dynamics Research

Data analysis techniques and their role in fluid dynamics research are covered in detail. Starting with the fundamental tools for statistical analysis of random processes, the material will highlight ways to obtain physical meaning from flow data. Techniques for single-point statistics and correlation-based multi-point statistics in planes and volumes provide the researcher with information useful for model validation and development as well as means for computing physical scales. The topics of unsteady and, in particular, turbulent flow emphasized.

AOE 6114 Transonic Aerodynamics

Basic features of transonic flows, similarity methods, and hodograph methods are covered. Major emphasis on finite difference procedures including type dependent relaxation procedures for potential flows and time asymptotic Euler solutions. Grid generation methods, inverse design procedures, unsteady flow, wind tunnel/wall interference, and shock wave/boundary layer interactions.


Courses Taught in the Past

AOE 4984 SS: Aero Engine Design Modeling

AOE/ME 5135 Vehicle Propulsion