Naval and Commercial Ship Design Tools and Methods

Application of Multi-Attribute Value Theory (MAVT), Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), Pareto Genetic Algorithms (PGA), system architecture, operational effectiveness models and smart knowledge bases in Multi-disciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) of the naval ships and other ship design problems. Includes consideration of mission, functional requirements, engineering, cost, risk, and process (ship production).

Ship Design and Construction Process

Application of system dynamics to modeling and analyzing the naval ship design, acquisition, and construction process.

Tanker Safety and Environmental Protection-Model

Development for estimating oil tanker environmental risk including human factors, grounding and collision scenarios, structural damage, oil outflow, mitigation, and environmental impact.

Naval Ship Survivability-Assessment

Naval Ship Survivability-Assessment of ship intact stability, probabilistic damaged stability, shock, underwater explosion (UNDEX), and other weapons effects.

Marine Engineering

Diesel and gas turbine engine performance and environmental considerations. Integration of marine engineering systems in the total ship design considering performance, reliability, vulnerability, cost, risk, and environment. Integrated power systems.