H. Pat Artis

AOE Advisory Board

  • Ph.D., 1992, Information Sciences, Rutgers
  • M.S., 1976, Computer Science, Rutgers
  • B.S., 1971, Engineering Science Mechanics, Virginia Tech
  • (1986-present) President and Founder of Performance Associates, Pagosa Springs, CO  Responsible for the design and development of the PAI/O Driver family of software products, provision of consulting services to Fortune 500 corporations and government agencies, and presentation of professional seminars related to I/O architecture and storage replication for open and z/OS systems.  
  • (1981-1986) Director of Analytic Systems, Morono Associates, Vienna, VA  Responsible for the development of analytic products to complement and exploit the information contained in the MICS Data Base system. Products included accounting, performance management, and capacity planning.  
  • (1972-1981) Member of Technical Staff, Bell Laboratories, Piscataway, NJ  Responsible for the development of tool sets for capacity planning and performance management of computer systems. Demonstrated the application of pattern recognition algorithms for the characterization of computer workloads. Developed workload characterization and tools for UNIX I/O performance.
  • (2010) Academy of Engineering Excellence
  • (2009) VT Academy of Engineering Excellence
  • (2008) Distinguished Alumni of Virginia Tech College of Engineering 
  • (2008) VT College Of Engineering Distinguished Alumni
  • (1984) AA Michelson Award for fundamental contributions to computer metrics
  • (2009-present) Virginia Innovation Program Selection Board 
  • (2009-present) Advisory Board, Wake Forest School of Biomedical Engineering and Science
  • (2007-present) Engineering Education Advisory Board, Virginia Tech
  • (2006-present) Archuleta County Airport Commissioner
  • (2005-2009) College of Engineering Advisory Board, Virginia Tech
  • (2004-2005) Advisory Board, Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics, Virginia Tech
  • (1999-2000) In-Q-IT Selection Board
  • (1998-present) Committee of 100, College of Engineering, Virginia Tech
  • (1996-1999) Advisory Board, Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics, Virginia Tech
  • (1994-1999) Director, The Computer Measurement Group
  • (1988-1989) Director, The Computer Measurement Group
  • (1986-1987) President, The Computer Measurement Group
  • (1983-present) Associate Editor of International Journal of Computer Systems Science and Engineering
  • (1981-1982) Director, ACM SigMetrics
  • (1980-1985) Director, The Computer Measurement Group

I/O performance – workload characterization, open system and mainframe storage subsystems, NAS and SAN, file systems, synchronous and asynchronous storage replication, magnetic recording, FICON and fibre channel connectivity, simulation and analytic modeling, data encryption, de-duplication, compression,  and security, and parallelism. Flight test engineering - stability and quantification of handling qualities.

H. Pat Artis
H. Pat Artis
  • (970) 731-3273
  • drpat@perfassoc.com
  • 301 N. Pagosa Blvd.
    Suite B-10 P.O. Box 5080
    Pagosa Springs, CO