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Rodney Peltzer

B.S., Mechanical and Ocean Engineering, University of Rhode Island, 1978
Ph.D., Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, Virginia Tech, 1982


Rodney Peltzer earned his Doctoral degree from the newly-formed Aerospace and Ocean Engineering department at Virginia Tech in 1982. He began his Research and Development / Science and Technology based career with the Remote Sensing Division at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC immediately thereafter. His activities during his 29-year tenure at the Naval Research Laboratory centered around performing physics-based research in the application of active and passive remote sensing techniques and systems to better understand critical Navy problems. During his tenure at the Naval Research Laboratory he became a recognized subject matter expert in the area of anti-submarine warfare and maritime domain awareness remote sensing phenomenology. His extensive field trials coordination experience allowed him to serve as test director/conductor for a number of major Navy anti-submarine warfare and maritime domain awareness field trials.

In 2011 he transferred to the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division in Patuxent River, MD to provide anti-submarine warfare subject matter expert  support to the Advanced Sensors Application Program (ASAP) and related, innovative Research Development Test and Evaluation) program transition efforts. The ASAP program is a collection of science and technology projects evaluating anti-submarine warfare capabilities and related physical phenomena. These project areas require routine collaboration with international experts in the  anti-submarine warfare field. He currently serves as the Chief Scientist, Phenomenology topic lead and Looking Glass (LG) oversight panel chairperson for the ASAP program.