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Chris McCormick

B.S., Aerospace Engineering, Virginia Tech, 1982

After a misguided start attending the University of Florida; Mr. McCormick saw the light and transferred to a top tiered Aerospace school - Virginia Tech.  As the saying goes; make your mistakes early.

After graduating, and spending time with the standard path of the “Martin Marietta’s”, and “consulting firms”, and a bit of a detour into commercial radio with Mutual Broadcasting; he was lucky enough to secure a position supporting DARPA with Space Applications – focusing on missions, payloads that make missions, and components that make the payloads.  Development work of the best kind, known as the “serial 001’s”.  From DARPA, to Spectrum Astro, to founding and running Broad Reach Engineering in development of dozens of ‘serial 001s’ that flew on LEO, GEO, Lunar and interplanetary missions.

Chris founded and is currently running the development team of PlanetiQ, in designing a new GPS Radio Occultation weather instrument and global weather phenomenology remote sensing spacecraft constellation.