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Kevin Crofton

B.S., Aerospace Engineering, Virginia Tech 1982
M.B.A., International Business, American University 1987

Growing up in Fincastle, Virginia, Kevin Crofton aspired to be an astronaut — following in the footsteps of his heroes, Neil Armstrong, Chuck Yeager, and Chris Kraft, who is also a Hokie — leading him to study to become an aerospace engineer.

He earned his bachelor’s in aerospace and ocean engineering in 1982 and early in his career worked on U.S. Department of Defense and commercial programs in propulsion for United Technologies, including Boeing’s Inertial Upper Stage Program, which positioned satellites in geosynchronous orbit from the space shuttle.  He earned his M.B.A. in international business from American University in 1987, and became program manager of Advanced Products Development of Pratt & Whitney’s United Technologies Chemical Systems Division. In 1994, Crofton became managing director/general manager of Lam Research Corporation’s CMP/Clean Business Unit, then vice president and general manager of Newport Corporation’s Advanced Packaging and Automation Systems Division in 2002. Just before his current position, Crofton worked at senior vice president of Global Customer Operations at NEXX Systems Inc. Since 2006, Crofton has served as president and COO of SPTS Technologies and executive vice president of Orbotech Inc.

In 2016, Crofton committed $14 million to the department that bears his name, and $1 million to the university’s Division of Student Affairs. “In many ways Ut Prosim is an extension of the values of which I live by and a humble expression of my desire to make a difference," said Crofton. “I have always wanted to give back to Virginia Tech in a meaningful way – one that makes a significant contribution and will impact future generations.”

Select Awards and Recognitions
Virginia Tech College of Engineering’s Academy of Engineering Excellence, 2018


2015 Ut Prosim Society New and Advancing Ceremony. Kevin Crofton

Kevin Crofton