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Toby Bright

B.S. Aerospace Engineering, Virginia Tech, 1977

Toby Bright is President and Chief Executive Officer of Jackson Square Aviation (JSA). Mr. Bright was named to this position in April 2015 after serving as the Chief Marketing Officer for the company since it was founded in 2010.

Prior to joining JSA, Mr. Bright was Chief Marketing Officer for Sky Holding Company and before that Pegasus Aviation. Before joining Pegasus in 2005, he was Executive Vice President of Sales at Boeing where he was responsible for the sales of all commercial aircraft and services worldwide. During Mr. Bright’s 28 years at Boeing he held various sales, marketing and technical positions and oversaw the launch of the 787 program as the head of sales.

Mr. Bright joined Boeing in 1977 upon receiving his degree in aerospace engineering from Virginia Tech. He has a commercial pilot certificate and is an avid general aviation pilot. He is a native of Mullens, WV.