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FA 2021 Open House - AOE Ambassadors

Fall 2022 AOE Ambassadors - Group Photo

Who are the AOE Ambassadors?

The AOE Ambassadors are ethusiastic and motivated students who enjoy talking to prospective students about opportunities in the Kevin T. Crofton Department of Aerospace & Ocean Engineering.  AOE Ambassadors assist the department with recruitment events for prospective undergraduate students.  Some activities that AOE Ambassadors are involved with include:

  • Engineering showcases for the Fall & Spring Admissions Open House events
  • The Spring College of Engineering Open House showcase
  • Leading tours of the AOE Department for prospective students and their families
  • The Fall COE Welcome Event for incoming first-year and transfer students 

Visiting the AOE Undergraduate Program

During the fall and spring semesters,  student AOE Ambassadors lead tours of the department on most Mondays & Fridays.  Tours provide an overview of the department and introduce prospective AOE students to points of interest around campus.  Please contact Emily Metzgar if you have questions about visiting during the summer or require additional information.

To register for an AOE tour, first click here to see what dates are available to register for events. Click on a specific calendar date to see if an AOE tour is being offered.  If a tour is available, fill out the registration form to sign up.

Prospective AOE students may also explore points of interest around campus on a self-guided tour.


Meet the AOE Ambassadors!

AOE Ambassador Neha Chinthapatla

Neha Chinthapatla (Co-Lead)

Major:  Aerospace Engineering, Class of 2023

Minor:  Mathematics

Hometown:  South Riding, Virginia

Professional/Student Organizations:  Rocketry at Virginia Tech, AIAA

Internships:  Lockheed Martin Skunk Works

Favorite thing about major:  I get to work on things that I dreamed about as a child.

Advice:  Get involved with something whether that's a club, research, or a design team.

AOE Ambassador Nathan Schneider

Nathan Schneider (Co-Lead)

Major:  Aerospace Engineering, Class of 2023

Minor:  Organizational Leadership

Hometown: Swansboro, North Carolina  

Favorite thing about VT:  The friends and relationships that I've made while at VT.

Favorite thing about major:  The unique technical electives available through AOE, ranging from structures to orbital determination and GPS design.

AOE Ambassador Matt Brown

Matt Brown

Major:  Ocean Engineering, Class of 2023

Hometown:  Vienna, Virginia

Minor:  Naval Engineering

Professional/Student Organizations:  SNAME/ASNE at Virginia Tech, SailBOT

Internships:  General Dynamics: Electric Boat, NSWC Carderock

Favorite thing about VT:  It's hard to pick a single thing! I love the inherent school spirit, it's almost infectious (in a good way). Whenever you're away from Blacksburg, Hokies always seem to find each other and connect.

Fun Fact:  I am on the Club Jump Rope Team at Virginia Tech, and placed first in a National Competition

AOE Ambassador Patrick Corrigan

Patrick Corrigan

Major:  Aerospace Engineering, Class of 2024

Minors:  Leadership - Corps of Cadets, Mathematics

Hometown: McLean, Virginia

Professional/Student Organizations:  Hokie Ambassadors, VT Corps of Cadets, Air Force ROTC, Highty Tighties, VT Math Tutoring Lab, AIAA, Nonlinear Systems Lab

Internships:  CACI Trajectory Software Engineer at Vandenberg SFB

Favorite thing about VT:  Doing push-ups in the stands with the Corps after every touchdown

Fun fact:  I plan on commissioning as a Flight Test Engineer in the USAF after pursuing a masters degree in the Nonlinear Systems Laboratory 

AOE Ambassador Emily Davis

Emily Davis

Major:  Aerospace Engineering, Class of 2023

Hometown: Fairfax, Virginia

Professional/Student Organizations:  AIAA, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), SFTE, HAC, Swim Club at VT

Internships:  NASA Ames Research Center, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics AMMM, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Skunk Works

Favorite thing about VT:  The Hokie Bird and Derek the therapy dog

Fun fact:  I am a nationally ranked college club swimmer!

AOE Ambassador Kimberly Elias Castellanos

Kimberly Elias Castellanos

Major:  Aerospace Engineering, Class of 2023

Hometown: Manassas, Virginia

Minor:  Mathematics

Professional/Student Organizations: NASA L'SPACE, Blacksburg Blades

Favorite thing about VT:  The football games and hokie spirit!

Advice:  Say yes to as many things as you can and make memories you can look back on with a smile.

AOE Ambassador Chenming Fan

Chenming Fan

Major:  Aerospace Engineering, Class of 2024

Hometown: Fairfax, Virginia

Minor:  Computer Science, Mathematics

Professional/Student Organizations:  Student Engineers' Council, Rocketry at Virginia Tech, NASA Student Launch Initiative

Internships:  ispace inc.

Favorite thing about VT:  Afternoons on the Drillfield

Advice:  Be involved, be humble, and be resilient!

Madeline Hower

Majors:  Ocean Engineering/Aerospace Engineering, Class of 2023

Minors:  Naval Engineering, Mathematics

Hometown:  Williamsburg, Virginia

Professional/Student Organizations:  AIAA, ANSE, SWE, Sigma Gamma Tau, Drone Racing Team at VT, Marching Virginians

Internships:  Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership, VT Drone Park

Advice:  Be open to pursuing any path and make lots of friends in your major to work with you on assignments.

AOE Ambassador Kody Jones

Kody Jones

Major:  Aerospace Engineering, Class of 2023

Hometown: Fort Chiswell, Virginia

Professional/Student Organizations:  NASA Student Launch Initiative

Favorite thing about major: The faculty and staff.

Advice:  Make friend groups early on, they are your best resource for the next four years.

Fun Fact:  I have logged around 50 flight hours and will take my checkride for my Private Pilot certificate within the next few weeks.

AOE Ambassador Molly Kamide

Molly Kamide

Major:  Aerospace Engineering (BS '21, MS '22), PhD Class of 2025

Hometown:  Ephrata, Pennsylvania

Professional/Student Organizations:  Society of Flight Test Engineers

Internships:  Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport on Wallops Island

Research:  My PhD research is determining the characteristics of large scale blasts at the Virginia Tech Shock Tube Research Facility.

AOE Ambassador Cason Kerrick

Cason Kerrick

Major:  Aerospace Engineering, Class of 2023

Minor:  Mathematics

Hometown:  Williamsburg, Virginia

Professional/Student Organizations:  The Drone Racing Team, Triangle Fraternity

Internships:  Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership, VT Drone Park

Favorite thing about VT:  My favorite thing is that we are at a school where most of the professors deeply love what they are teaching.   

Fun Fact:  I hope in the future to make travel safer and more sustainable with drone technology.

AOE Ambassador Cody Knott

Cody Knott

Major:  Aerospace Engineering, Class of 2023

Hometown:  Roanoke, Virginia

Professional/Student Organizations:  NASA Student Launch Initiative, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Club, IEEE

Favorite thing about major:  We get to actively work towards making humanity a spacefaring civilization.

Fun facts:  I'm a transfer student from Virginia Western Community College.  I was training to be a ballroom dance instructor before studying Aerospace Engineering.

AOE Ambassador Carly Krokosz

Carly Krokosz

Major:  Aerospace Engineering, Class of 2024

Hometown:  Wall Township, New Jersey

Professional/Student Organizations:  Orbital Launch Vehicle Team at Virginia Tech

Internships:  Safran Aerosystems

Favorite thing about VT:  Blacksburg, and hearing the Burruss bells on the Drillfield.

Advice:  Never be afraid to ask for help!

AOE Ambassador Olivia Napier

Olivia Napier

Major:  Aerospace Engineering, Class of 2023

Hometown:  Springfield, Virginia

Professional/Student Organizations:  Sigma Gamma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, NASA Student Launch Initiative, Hume Center's National Security Education Program (NSEP)

Internships:  Boeing Test & Evaluation Engineer

Favorite thing about VT:  Enter Sandman in Lane Stadium

AOE Ambassador Paul Reiter

Paul Reiter

Majors:  Aerospace Engineering/Chemistry, Class of 2024

Minor:  Mathematics

Hometown:  East Northport, New York

Professional/Student Organizations:  Alpha Phi Omega National Co-Ed Service Fraternity, Sigma Gamma Tau 

Favorite thing about VT:  Spending gamedays with friends

Favorite thing about majors:  All of the amazing professors who are super helpful!

AOE Ambassador William Suffa

William Suffa

Major:  Aerospace Engineering, Class of 2023

Hometown:  Glen Allen, Virginia

Minor:  Computer Science, Mathematics

Professional/Student Organizations:  Alpha Phi Omega, Inspirefly, Sports Business Club

Favorite thing about VT:  The atmosphere. The people that go to Virginia Tech are people that you want to be around.

Advice:  Learn time management!! It will make your life easier. Its also ok to fail, failing is part of the journey, its how you recover that makes it important.

AOE Ambassador Eszter Varga

Eszter Varga

Major:  Aerospace Engineering, Class of 2023

Hometown:  Budapest, Hungary

Professional/Student Organizations:  AIAA, Sigma Gamma Tau, Aerospace Minority Program (AMP), Society of Women in Aviation and Space Exploration (SWASE)

Internships:  GE, Wisk

Advice:  Engineering is a team sport. Ask yourself often, what is your end goal with getting a degree?

Fun Fact:  Will be most likely the first Hungarian Female Aerospace Engineer

AOE Ambassador Holly Whetzel

Holly Whetzel

Major:  Aerospace Engineering, Class of 2024

Hometown:  Culpeper, Virginia

Minor:  Mathematics

Internships:  Toffler Associates 

Favorite thing about VT:  One of my favorite things about Virginia Tech is the amount of people here that are willing to help you with just about anything.

Advice:  Step outside of the box and try something new!