• Friday, November 22, 2019
  • 1:00 p.m.
  • 210 New Classroom Building
  • Dr. Kyle T. Alfriend, Texas A&M University
  • Faculty Host: Dr. Mark Psiaki

Abstract: With the tremendous increase in computer speed over the past few years complex simulations of systems are now possible.  For example, CFD coupled with airplane simulators has significantly reduced the cost of plane development and reduced the deaths of test pilots. A side effect has been the reliance on simulations for all the analysis of systems and not developing analytical solutions of simplified models that provide significant of insight into the sensitivity of the effect of parameter variations on system performance.  In this seminar using three examples the value of analytical approaches for the solution of complex systems will be demonstrated. The examples are a) the estimation of the population and distribution of the LEO population, b) Control of a satellite formation that minimizes total system fuel consumption and balancing the fuel consumption over all the satellites in the formation, and c) tracking of mobile missiles.  Through these examples I show the value of the synergistic effect of doing both analysis and simulation vs the total reliance on simulation.