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October 3, 2022: Robert Hanley, Vice President, Cyber Solutions, Sabre Systems, Inc., 4:00 pm in 100 McBryde Hall "Understanding the Cyber Security Battle Space"

  • 4:00 p.m.
  • 100 McBryde Hall 
  • Robert Hanley, Sabre Systems
  • Faculty Host: Dr. Pat Artis

Abstract:  The DoD’s ability to fly, fight, and win in air, space, and cyberspace is threatened by increasingly competent adversaries in the cyberspace domain. As the world moves towards an era where cyber technology is thoroughly embedded into everything engineered, including weapons systems, the mission assurance posture driven by concerns in cyber technology needs to be consistent with those used in the air and space domains. Surviving in a cyber-contested environment requires designing in cyber resilience from the onset of tactical aircraft design.  This discussion will highlight how the DoD is embedding cyber resilience into weapon systems to make them survivable on the battlefield in the face of an agile cyber adversary.

Bio:  Bob Hanley is currently the Vice President for Cyber and Engineering Solutions at Sabre Systems, Inc.  He provides cyber architecture and systems engineering expertise across the commercial sector for federal/civilian Government agencies and for the Department of Defense.  He is also currently the Chairman of the Virginia Tech Aerospace and Ocean Engineering Advisory Board, and he is on the Board of Directors of the Association of Airworthiness Professionals.   Previously, Mr. Hanley worked at the Naval Air Systems Command for over 38 years and most recently served as the Director of Airworthiness and CYBERSAFE for the Navy and Marine Corps Airworthiness. He oversaw the flight safety and cyber certifications for all the Navy and Marine Corp’s 4,000 plus manned and unmanned aircraft including all tactical aircraft, the President’s Helicopter, and the Blue Angels.  

Awards and Honors

Mr. Hanley has received well over 50 awards during his career including the Department of Defense (DoD) Distinguished Civilian Service Award (the highest civilian award given by the Department of Defense); the DoD Exceptional Civilian Service Award;  the Secretary of Defense Freedom Award;  the Navy Superior Civilian Service Award,  the T. Michael Fish Award for excellence in leadership in the Navy; the Under Secretary of Defense Acquisition Innovation Award, and the Heinemann Aerospace Achievement Award.  Mr. Hanley was also inducted into both the Virginia Tech Aerospace and Ocean Engineering Academy of Excellence (2016) and the College of Engineering Academy of Excellence (2021).